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Professional advice, planning, management and support for all the phases of your building project. The following is an extract from our service portfolio.


1. Professional Advice and Guidance


When you are about to embark on a building project of any nature, it is important to get sound professional advice from the outset. We are always keen to help clients with projects at any stage, but strongly believe that the earlier we can be involved the better the result. Early feasibility studies to produce sketch plans can be very helpful in order to explore all development options to maximise the potential of a site or an extension project.


Initial sketches also allow the client and ourselves to develop the project and consider all design options. Once these have progressed sufficiently enough, these form the basis for essential pre-application discussions with the relevant Planning Officers to ensure that we can proceed through to formal plans with confidence. This is probably the most important phase of any project - and we encourage you to arrange to come in and talk to us face to face.


2. The Planning and Building Control Process

A successful planning application should never be a hit or miss affair. Thorough research is required including investigations into local development policy and plans, previous application history, and close liaison with Local Authority Planning Officers. When we are in possession of all the information necessary then we can proceed to formal plans for submission (carried out using computer aided design software).


We have an excellent record of success in the area in which we operate, mainly as a result of close working relationships with Planners, and a thorough understanding of current development policies in each Local Authority area. Our aim is to provide a "one stop shop" for our customers that sees early ideas converted into appropriate Planning Application drawings, and on to working drawings for approval by Building Control Officers. Should any initial application be refused, we can give advice on the Appeals process, either personally or using professional planning consultants.


We pride ourselves in a high level of customer service, and invite you to drop in and see us whether you are considering an individual build, a small development or any extension.

3. Residential Building Land

Land Acquisition and Disposal

We are always looking for land for development, and have extensive experience of acting for landowners. This, combined with our Architectural Planning and Design expertise, means we can ensure that maximum values are achieved in the prevailing market conditions. Whilst we are happy to act on sites where planning permission has already been obtained, our specialist skills lie in achieving optimum planning consents on behalf of landowners prior to disposal.

With our considerable contacts in the Building Industry, our local knowledge of the area, and constant involvement in the planning process, we regularly become aware of residential development opportunities that may be disposed of by their current owners. We are willing to share this with clients who are prepared to retain our services to act on their behalf. In this eventuality we are able to offer a full market assessment of any potential site, and ascertain whether existing planning approval does in fact represent the optimum value. We will then offer our services to produce new plans for submission, along with requisite Building Regulations Approval. All, of course, in the strictest confidence.

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